gl_graphic_core Directory Reference


file  gl_framebuffer.cpp [code]
 Realization of OpenGL framebuffer object.
file  gl_framebuffer.h [code]
 Declaration of GLFrameBuffer class.
file  gl_graphic_core.cpp [code]
 Realization of OpenGL version of GraphicCore.
file  gl_graphic_core.h [code]
 Declaration of GLGraphicCore.
file  gl_graphic_core_plugin.cpp [code]
 Realization of plugin for GLGgraphicCore.
file  gl_graphic_core_plugin.h [code]
 Declaration of Plugin for GLGraphicCore.
file  gl_graphic_core_plugin_dll.cpp [code]
 Realization of "C" interface to GLGraphicCorePlugin.
file  gl_graphic_core_prerequisites.h [code]
 Some defines for gl_graphic_core plugin.
file  gl_texture.cpp [code]
 Realization of GLTexture - wrapper for OpenGL texture.
file  gl_texture.h [code]
 Declaration of GLTexture class.

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