Todo List

page Documentation for gpucalc library.
Write as much documentation as possible.

page Documentation for gpucalc library.
Create classes for parsing input args for our library.

page Documentation for gpucalc library.
Create profiling system.

page Documentation for gpucalc library.
create correct CMakeLists.txt (we need to find packages glew, glut and Cg)

page Documentation for gpucalc library.
Create "make install" rule

Member gpucalc::Object::getSpecificParameter (const std::string &ParameterName, void *ParameterValue)
Think for better realization.

Class gpucalc::auxillary::TextFileLoader
Create method for loading text file, separated on strings.

Member gpucalc::debugger::Debugger::stepOver ()
Create methods for performing steps in loops and function calls.

Class gpucalc::FrameBuffer
Create method for obtaining available FrameBuffer attachment format, textureinternalformat, type and so on...

Member gpucalc::FrameBuffer::getData (Data &to, const Texture *from)=0
Create method when downloading data which can't be rectangle.

Member gpucalc::GLCgShader::validate ()
create method for validationg our shader

Member gpucalc::GLFrameBuffer::drawBuffer (const Texture *RenderTarget)
Make this method more effective. (now we used to get index of texture 2 or 3 times, and this is not good.)

Member gpucalc::GLGLSLShader::validate ()
check for number of active uniform variables and number of attached samplers and uniforms.

Member gpucalc::GLGLSLShaderSystem::isAcceptFileExtension (const std::string &FileExtension) const
Add more file extensions.

Class gpucalc::GLGraphicCore
Create GPU-side timer, using extension GL_EXT_timer_query.

Class gpucalc::GraphicCore
!!!!!мега важно, аж по русски Создать или pixelbuffer или directcopy методы для чтения результатов рендеринга, когда FrameBuffer не работает

Class gpucalc::ShaderSystem
Create method for creating shader from OBJECT code. See Cg manual.

Class gpucalc::Task
Create Kernel iterator.

Class gpucalc::Texture
Create method for uploading data that can't be rectangle.

Member gpucalc::ExceptionCodes
Add many more exception codes, since we want the user to be able to catch most of them.

Page Coding standarts and concepts.
translate this page into english.

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