Plugin development HOWTO.

Plugin location

First of all declare plugin name (see Coding standards), create corresponding directory in "plugins" directory.

All sources and includes must be located in "include" and "source" directories.

Every plugin must contain $full_plugin_name$_prerequisites.h file, located in "include" directory:

 #include "prerequisites.h"
 #if PLATFORM == PLATFORM_WIN32 & !defined(__MINGW32__) & !defined(STATIC_LIB)
 #  define _GpuCalc$plugin_name$Export __declspec(dllexport)
 # else
 #  if defined (__MINGW32__)
 #   define _GpuCalc$plugin_name$Export
 #  else
 #   define _GpuCalc$plugin_name$Export __declspec(dllimport)
 #  endif
 # endif
 #elif defined(GCC_VISIBILITY)
 # define _GpuCalc$plugin_name$Export __attribute__((visibility("default")))
 # define _GpuCalc$plugin_name$Export

Where $FULL_PLUGIN_NAME$, $PLUGIN_NAME$, $plugin_name$ are full uppercase plugin name, uppercase plugin name and lowercase plugin name respectively.

This file must be included in file where we declare two "C" functions, something like this:

 extern "C" void _GpuCalc$PLUGIN_NAME$Export dllStartPlugin() throw()
 //This function always called when starting our plugin.

 extern "C" void _GpuCalc$PLUGIN_NAME$Export dllStopPlugin() throw()
 //This function always called when stopping our plugin.
Also this file may contain pointer to our plugin:
 static $FullPluginName$Plugin * $PluginName$Plugin;
Where $FullPluginName$Plugin is a successor of Plugin. This class performs all necessary tasks.

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